Sky High Cross Gene

Sky High ije nae suneul jaba baby to to to to to tonight I’m falling in love Sky High neomaneul wihan segye baby nalaolla I can make you feel alright Don’t let anybody else pass yo sight But me let me be yo first try out Out there it’s a 0brand new world Girl don’t matter what they say hey No won’t never let them say hey I want you at the first place and I ain’t never gonna trade Be by my side never get away Chica bonita we freak out Get into the beat I want cha, gon’ get cha, so catch up Loca senorita Faster we make it faster You gotta Let go you gotta let it gooooo So Go Sky

Heaven Ailee

Niga inneun gose nado hamkke halke.. Niga ganeun gose nado hamkke kalke.. Neol wiihaeseo maeil utko neol wiihaeseo gidohago.. Ni saenggage jamdeulko neol bureumyeo nuneul tteo.. Nae yeopeseo jikyeojugo nae yeopeseo kamssajuneun.. Neon naye cheonkuginkeol.. You're my only one way.. Ojing neoreul wonhae naega ni gyeote isseume kamsahae.. You're the only one baby.. Himdeun sesang soge sarangeuralke haejun neo hanaro naneun haengbokhae.. Heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven Uri hamkkeramyeon we will never cry never never cry..